"The Buddy Holly Movie"  This is one of my fav movies about a rock n roll icon- and this is one of my fav parts.  It shows that music knows no boundaries.

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He is such a jackass! You Hyun really is doing a good job with this role.

and here’s hoping that there will be many more to come!

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"All seven members are important to me, missing any of them will affect Running Man." — Cho Hyo Jin PD

Happy 4th Anniversary, Running Man! Thank you for bringing us 4 years of happiness, unforgettable moments, beautiful friendship and love. May you continue to bring us laughter and joy! 

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I am not so sure about Cameron Diaz as Miss H. ?!?  Maybe she will do better than I think….but she is riding on the coattails- of not only everyone who played the role wonderfully on Broadway- but also Kathy Bates and the ever wonderful Carol Burnett.  Still I am excited for this musical.  Annie is not my fav musical or anything- but I am always happy when musicals get released.  I wish musicals were more appreciated by the masses in general.  Also- I actually like the movie versions that they have done (with this new one coming out it will be three) better than the stage version. (I know!  Rare for me, but tis true)


Magic mirror on the wall, who is the baddest of them all?

If you’re sorry, you’re supposed to say that you’re sorry. Don’t try to smooth things over with money.

Okay, okay, I will give “Marriage not Dating” a try.  Sheesh!  Stop twisting my arm. ;P